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TRAVELER (Touch up only)          $25-$40           1-1.5 HOURS

Exterior wash, Rim cleaning with tire dressing, Door jams and protective spay wax



COMMUTER                                 $65-$110          2-3 HOURS

Exterior wash, Polish wax or hand (cream), Rim cleaning and tire dressing, Door jams *clay bar additional $10-$25



COACH                                        $90-$210          3-6 HOURS

Exterior wash, Clay bar, Polish wax with minor scratch and swirl removal, Rim cleaning and tire dressing, Door jams





Headlight restoration                                         $65

Taillight restoration                                            $45

*Entire set (lights)                                              $100

Fabric Protector                                                 $15-$35

Seat stains only                                                 $45-$65

*Water spot treatment (windows)                      $15-$30

Tar removal                                                       $10-$45    

Tree sap                                                            $15-$55

Pet hair (severity)                                              $15-$65

Exterior vinyl restoration                                    $10-$15

Bio-hazard (vomit/mold/other)

+Disinfectant                                                      $50-$150


*Prices based on size and severity and are subject to change at    any time

*Water spot treatment (paint) see wax packages

*Available 24/7 for emergency services (fees apply)



MINI COOPER                      $55-$85                2-3 HOURS

Complete vacuum of interior, Clean all hard surfaces and crevices, Apply protective conditioners, Exterior wash and rim cleaning with tire dressing, Protective spray wax, Windows, Door jams and fragrance


CADILLAC                            $90-$175              3-5+ HOURS

Mini Cooper + Treatment of carpet and upholstery (includes leather)

BMW                                   $150-$250            3-6+ HOURS 

Complete vacuum throughout vehicle and treatment of carpet/upholstery (includes leather), Clean all hard surfaces and crevices (even those hard to reach spaces), Top of the line protective conditioners, Exterior wash and rim cleaning with tire dressing, Fabric protectant, Clay bar, Hand or polish cream wax, Door jams, windows, and fragrance

BENTLEY                             $215-$375           5-6+ HOURS 

BMW + Polish wax against minor scratches and swirl marks


CAB DRIVER                        $40-$60               2-3 HOURS 

Vacuum throughout vehicle, Clean all hard surfaces and crevices, Protective conditioners, Windows and fragrance  

CHAUFFER                           $65-$110              2-5 HOURS

Cab driver + Treatment of all carpet/upholstery (includes leather)

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